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North America

The fourth quarter of 2023 witnessed a nuanced landscape for Copper Rod in North America, marked by distinct factors shaping market dynamics. Market resilience emerged as a key theme, with steady demand and supply chain adaptability providing a stable foundation.

Geopolitical considerations added an element of caution, contributing to a carefully navigated pricing trajectory. The USA, at the forefront of these developments, experienced significant price adjustments, reflecting a calculated decline by 2% change from the previous quarter. This quarter's performance showcased a feeble correlation between market trends, seasonality, and pricing adjustments. As the quarter concluded, Copper Rod (C110-1 inch) DEL Alabama in the USA stood at USD 15,458/MT, encapsulating the quarter's dynamic interplay of factors.

The top reasons, intricately woven into the narrative, encompassed market demand resilience, strategic supply chain management, and geopolitical nuances. The comprehensive analysis highlights the intricate dance of factors that defined the North American Copper Rod Prices during the final quarter of 2023.


The APAC Copper Rod pricing landscape in the fourth quarter of 2023 unfolded with intricate dynamics that shaped market conditions. South Korea emerged as a pivotal player, navigating significant pricing changes influenced by heightened demand, geopolitical recalibrations, and intricate supply chain dynamics. An in-depth analysis revealed a nuanced pricing trend with inherent seasonality and correlations specific to South Korea. Despite the intricate global landscape, South Korea experienced a remarkable percentage change of 2% year-on-year, reflecting the adaptability of the market amid evolving conditions. Further exploration into halves of the quarter unveiled a 3.6% differentiation, elucidating temporal market shifts. The pivotal reasons behind these fluctuations encompassed disruptions in the supply chain, escalating demand pressures, and geopolitical uncertainties, offering a multifaceted understanding. As the quarter concluded, the pricing denouement materialized with Copper Rod (20 mm) FOB Busan in South Korea standing at USD 9853/MT, encapsulating the intricate dance of market forces, geopolitical intricacies, and industrial demands, providing a comprehensive view into the APAC Copper Rod pricing landscape in the closing quarter of 2023.

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The final quarter of 2023 saw an intriguing landscape for Copper Rod in Europe, marked by pivotal factors shaping market dynamics. Market demand, though weak, encountered sluggishness with a minimal 2.3% change as compared to the previous quarter, reflecting a nuanced balance. Germany, as a key player, experienced distinctive pricing adjustments, exhibiting a calculated -3% change from the preceding quarter, influenced by market intricacies and geopolitical considerations. The correlation between market trends, seasonality, and pricing adjustments demonstrated a bearish interplay. The first and second halves of the quarter saw a resilient market, with a 6% price comparison in Germany. Copper Rod (25 mm) FD-Bad Berleburg in Germany concluded the quarter at USD 10,824/MT. The top reasons, intricately woven into the narrative, encompassed market demand moderation, strategic supply chain adaptability, and geopolitical nuances. This comprehensive analysis encapsulates the intricate dance of factors defining the European Copper Rod market during the final quarter of 2023.

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