Brightlink 4K HDMI over IP RECEIVER (POE) for source / input device - Part of Brightlink’s Any Size

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Introducing our New Brightlink 4K HDMI over IP (POE VERSION) Any Size Matrix Distribution System with built in Video Wall Processor and controllable with Brightlinks free Pro Control App for IOS and Android.

Brightlinks 4K HDMI over IP Matrix system is a flexible distribution system that allows you to create any size matrix configuration from 2 input to 2 outputs, all the way up to 100 inputs to 100 outputs and more, and easily switch them in any combination with our Brightlink Pro-Control APP.

Brightlinks HDMI over IP Transmitters and Receiver work with Brightlink 24 port Gigabit switch as well as most off the shelf switches as long as they support IGMP snooping and HDCP. These are POE Version which requires a POE Switch

The Transmitters (TX) convert your HDMI signal from your source into IP signal and send via Cat6 cable into your network switch where it is then distributed to your Receivers (RX) via Cat6 cable and converted back to HDMI signal to be connected to your displays.

This IP Matrix system allows you to send 1080p, 4K@30hz, USB, IR and RS232 over long distances using IP networks with Cat5e/6 and Fiber cable (single mode- module insert not included).

The H.264 compression allows for the video signal to be sent over these long distances and at the same time maintaining a crisp clear image.

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