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Mother Mary's Holy Footprint printed In The mountain

Mother Mary's Holy Footprint printed In The mountain:

Our Lady Of Snow Footprint

From the time of Adam, God has spoken to his saints and prophets through visions, dreams, and inner voices. Miraculous events are common in the worlds of the Old and New Testaments, and the lives of the saints are marked by supernatural intervention.The last century-and-a-half has seen numerous accounts of appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus, Himself, is said to speak to a few of the seers. Some of the apparitions have received official approval by the Roman Catholic Church.

On 29th March 1939, evening around 6.30 pm, Mary appeared on a hill near to the church at Kallikulam. She appeared in the middle of bright white light. Veiled in white, she stood towards the church and worshipped with folded hands. A water fall was falling down from her feet. Six young people (Gnana Athikkam, S.P.John, M.G.Thomas, D.Thasan, R.Thasan, M.A.Thasan) saw that apparition. They saw that apparition for few seconds and after that it disappeared. Next day morning they went to the apparition hill and found a pair of human foot print on the rock at the apparition site. They marked the foot print and informed that apparition to parish priest Rev. Father Marianoos, school head master Laxmana Iyer and the village people. Rev. Father Marianoos and the people did not believe them initially.

Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam The head master told that he would believe that apparition only if he saw a real waterfall from the hill. It was a drought time and for 13 years there was no rain in the arid zone Kallikulam. On that day after noon, around 3 pm there was a heavy rainfall for one and half an hour, in and around of Kallikulam. A waterfall formed on the hill top at the apparition site. After that natural sign, they believed that apparition, and setup a Pandal (temporary structure) with coconut leaves on the apparition site. A stone cross is placed on the apparition site.

Every night a Hurricane lamp was lit up at that place. One day the Hurricane lamp fell down and rolled over the hill and reached down the hill foot. There people found the Hurricane lamp straight and lit without any damage.

After some time a young boy from Singamparai village came to the hill to get cured from his disability. All his hand fingers were folded and he was not able to do any work. One day he poured oil on the foot print at the apparition site and rubbed it with his palm and fingers. At once his fingers were unfolded. He was very happy and with great gratitude he told that miracle to village people and showed his fingers.

Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam On 1940, construction of steps to apparition site was started. That time Rs. 2.5 was the labour charge to carve a step on the Apparition hill. So many people sent money to build steps to the Apparition site by Money Order. It was during the World War II. Most of the Money orders came from military people. From that donation and other offerings the village people built steps and side support pillars to the Apparition site on the hill.

On 1941, Tuticorin bishop Roch Victoria came to this hill and blessed it and laid a commemorative plaque. One Grotto was constructed on the hill in the commemoration of Our Lady's apparition.

Since then, people from the parish and from the surrounding areas gathering there every Saturday. Every Saturday evening prayer service is conducted here. Every year, a ten day annual feast is celebrated here. The celebration starts with the flag hoisting ceremony. During feast, morning mass and evening novena are conducted.

The seventh day of annual feast of Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam is celebrated here with morning celebrity mass. On Good Friday, after Stations of the Cross prayer service, Holy Communion service is celebrated here. People from different part of India visit Apparition hill on first Saturday of every month.



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