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The Church Boundary Where Fixed By Mother Mary of Snow

The Church Boundary Where Fixed By Our Lady of Snow:

Our Lady Of Snow Kallikulam

People inhabited Kallikulam as early as 1700. They built a small temple to a Hindu deity for worship. The village leader performed religious service in that temple.

Sometime after, a lady with a child in her arm, frequently came in the dream of village leader and asked a particular portion of land at Kallikulam. That time Kallikulam village people were legally fighting for ownership of Kallikulam village land in the district court. That woman again came in the dream of village leader and assured her blessing to win their legal battle. On the next day, village leader and the people got final judgment in favour of them. So they decided to honor that lady. With help of a European Roman Catholic priest they came to know that that lady was Mary.

On 1770 AD, a thatched church was built in the name of Holy Mary by village people. Jesuits helped them to convert into Christianity and formed small Christian community. As catholic population increased, that church was enlarged, by Fathers Martin and Mossette on 1838. 

On 1884, villagers and Jesuits decided to build a new church at Kallikulam for Our Lady. They were undecided about the size and location of the church. They prayed to Our Lady and requested her intercession to choose the location and size of church. At that time, on a hot summer morning, they found a piece of land wet with morning dew. They wondered about that unusual thing, and believed that that was a miraculous intercession of Our Lady to mark the location of proposed church

On 5th September 1884, Rev.Father Cousanal laid foundation for new church. With donation and hard workmanship of people, church main building work was completed on 1886 and consecrated to Our Lady of Snows. The church tower work was started on 1941 and completed on 1942. 

The church architecture is based on Roman architecture. It has three towers, one main tower and two sub towers. The main tower height is 160 feet and sub tower height is 68 feet. The church building height is 55 feet. The total length of church is 151 feet and width is 56 feet. The main tower has internal spiral steps for 143 feet. The main statue of "Our lady of Snows" and church bell were brought from France. 

Our Lady of Snows church has religious significance for Christian community in India. It also has historical significance, as it is nearly 125 years old.


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