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St.Sebastian's Church, Madhavaram

St.Sebastian's Church, Madhavaram

Owner: Meril Jeffery John.J

Group members: 6

Short Description: This Church was dedicated to St Sebastian, established in 1942 and was looked after by the Salesians. Later 1953 Franciscans took charge of the parish.
About Group:

This Church was dedicated to St Sebastian, established in 1942 and was looked after by the Salesians. Later 1953 Franciscans took charge of the parish.

The church at madhavaram is dedicated to St.Sebastian.People of this parish continue to narrate the stories of the great intercessor St.Sebastian.Who continues his marvelous work in this parish.

In the year 1970 soon after the car procession carrying the statue of St.Sebastian was refused entry into the village. The village was struck with severe epidemic of chicken pox. Then they prayed to St.Sebastian to intercede for them. They were all healed. Till today , the feast of St.Sebastian is celebrated with great joy and fervor.

The non-christian brothers and sisters also celebrate and accompany the car procession as a sign of their reverence for the great intercessor.

St.Sebastian is our midst. He is the model of our faith and a true minister of God

Category: Religious Organization
Address: No:151, Madhavaram Main Road, Madhavaram
postal Code: 600060
Start Date: 01-01-1942

St.Sebastian is our midst. He is the model of our faith and a true minister of God.

St.Sebastian Pray For Us



According to popular historical legend, Sebastian was born at Narbonne, Gaul. Son of a wealthy Roman family, he was educated in Milan. He became a soldier in the Roman army in about 283 AD. He served originally as a regular legionnaire, winning acclaim in combat and the eye of the emperor.

Sebastian was named captain in the Roman praetorian guards by Emperor Diocletian. He was secretly a Christian and encouraged the martyrs Marcellian and Marcus, under sentence of death, to remain firm in their faith. When it was discovered during Maximian`s persecution of the Christians that Sebastian was indeed a Christian, he was ordered executed.

He tied naked to a column and was then shot with dozens of arrows by elite archers from Mauritania and left for dead. When the widow of St. Castulus went to recover his body, she found he was still alive and nursed him back to health. Soon after, Sebastian intercepted the Emperor and denounced him for his cruelty to Christians.

This insult from a person whom was supposed to have been dead upset the emperor who gave orders for Sebastian to be seized and beat to death with cudgels on January 20th (now his feast day) 288 in Rome. Afterward his body was mutilated and thrown into the common sewer.

It was later retrieved and hidden in the catacombs. The martyrs Tranquillinus and Tiburtius were killed at around the same time. They were connected with the soldier-martyr St Sebastian and were entombed at the Via Lavicana. It is believed that one of the arrows that pierced him is at the San Sebastiano fuori le mura ad Catacumbas basilica in Rome, built on the site of where his body was hidden.

Saint Sebastian was venerated at Milan as early as the time of St. Ambrose and was buried on the Appian Way. The relics of mortal remains asserted to be those of St. Sebastian are currently housed in the Basilica Apostolorum (one of the seven main churches in Rome, built by Pope Damasus II in 367, on the site of the provisional tomb of St. Peter and St. Paul.) St Sebastian is thought of as the traditional patron saint of the Infantryman, as well as archers; armorers; arrow smiths; fletchers; gunsmiths and police officers. The Pope’s Pontifical Swiss Guards and the Spanish Guardia Civil national police force both recognize St Sebastian as their patron saint. Images and icons of him have been prayed to by Catholics under arms for over a thousand years.

Saint Sebastian is possibly one of the most well published of the `military saints`. From Piero della Francesca to Pierre et Gilles, there are 100s of drawings and paintings and photographs and sculptures of the arrow-riddled saint spanning centuries and continents. These include the famous `The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, by Andrea Mantegna and an Esquire magazine cover with Mohammed Ali pierced in the same way as Sebastian.

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      • Aslin Remisha
        • Meril Jeffery John.J

          The Holy Relic of St.Sebastian will be placed in our church for veneration on 23rd & 24th of this month. we request all to participate on this auspicious day.

          புனித செபஸ்தியாரின் திருப்பண்டம் ஆனது நமது புனித செபஸ்தியார் ஆலயத்தில் வருகின்ற 23 மற்றும் 24 ஆகிய தேதிகளில் நமது பார்வைக்கு மற்றும் ஜெப வழிபாடுகளுக்காக கொண்டுவரப்படுகிறது அனைவரும் இந்த அரிய வாய்ப்பை பயன்படுத்திக்கொள்ளுமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம்.

          • Meril Jeffery John.J

            Mega Fish & Pet Expo at St.Sebastian's Church ITI campus Thapalpetti, Madhavaram, Chennai - 60.

            The Exhibition start on Oct 4th to Oct 7th Starting 10 Am to 8 Pm

            There is a Dog Show on 7th Oct - 2018 @ 6.00 Pm 
            Entry Fee for Dog Show: Rs 300 Per Pet

            Nursery Plant is also for sale

            Organised by: Franciscan Friars 
            Ticket : Rs 10 for Children & Rs 20 for Adult
            Contact : 9500011559, 7538860130

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              The Two Relics of St.Anthony: 1) This Relic is a Fragment of the Saint's petrified flesh in a beautiful bust. 2) Saints Smallest Rib bone St.Anthony’s Relic: The Relics of St.Anthony came to St.Sebastian's Church Madhavaram on March 5th...
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