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It's Never Too Late For God

Perhaps your dreams, hopes and aspirations have crashed. Perhaps everything you hoped for has turned into despair. Perhaps people dear and near to your heart rejected you and walked away at the time you most needed them. Perhaps you'e vainly knocked every door, called every person and tried everything possible. Perhaps you've claimed every promised, fasted, prayed and shed every tear. Perhaps you've finally accepted that your life will never get better and that your dreams are forever out of reach. Perhaps your bank of motivation is overdrawn, your reservoir of hope is empty and your harvest fields of possibilities have turned into desert patches of misfortune. But I am here to tell you that nothing is impossible with God. God is not finished with you. He will revive the dry bones of your dreams. He will bring to life the ashes of your aspirations. The reservoir of hope He shall replenish and it shall overflow again. The dry streams of your life shall flow again. People may count you out but only God has the final say. The last chapter of your life is yet to be written. “Hope doesn't disappoint.”

Rom 5:5.