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No Turning Back

After you have planned, prayed and prepared to enter a new phase in life, regardless of how prepared and prayed up you are, you’ll face unexpected tough challenges. These unexpected challenges are placed in your way not to hinder your progress but to test your determination. Unexpected challenges can cause deep debilitating fears that can make you decide to turn back, keep the status quo, settle for mediocrity and maintain things the way they’ve always been. Oftentimes the cost of change appears unreasonably too high to pay. But in reality the cost of staying in the comfort zone is incalculably limiting. Resist the temptation to return to the confines of the uncomfortable comfort zone. Fight the urge to return to the way things have always been. Embrace the new discomforts as normal realities of the new phase. Regardless of the challenges you’re facing, make a decision to press on and move straight ahead. No turning back.