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Repeated Post Considered as spammer

Dear Members,

         Kindly note we will not tolerate members posting repeated content again & again you will be treated as spammer & deleted from the community with all your content as well. We neither encourage members posting a very small content of blog instead you people can use the bookmark service. Plz be wise posting repeated content is not going to bloom ur business or going to gain a million visit. Googles algorithm is not going to index repeated blogs & it will also spoil our SEO. members with small content of blog with a link it's neither helping you to gain any index or visit we r indexing article with better content & has minimum of 250 words we r not indexing every blog so if we spot blogs with lesser content again your treated as spammer respect our privacy it's for your good & for the community. So once we spot members like this we will immediately kick them out without any kind of warning.

Thanking you Team CG

  • Meril Jeffery John.J
    By Meril Jeffery John.J

    As we said before Repeated post is considered as spammer & we are not fools that you can create a new user & post the same blog again.. Neither we encourage different content with same topic it's considered as duplicate topic in google algorithm & its affecting we neither encourage Spamdexing (having totally different content & providing a link in between that has nothing to do with the content) .. We will never encourage spammer at any cost ur just wasting your time posting content which is not going to be here in CG as our algorithm is keep on reporting multiple users, same content & duplicate topics. You want a good SEO bring good Articles else get a good content writer.

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