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Blog Deleted or User Deleted

    Meril Jeffery John.J
    By Meril Jeffery John.J

    Dear User,

            If your Blog is deleted or an user has been deleted know that you have not compiled to our term of using CG. 
    Recens for deleting Blog:

    1) Make sure you do not post links directly in your blog to refere other site. Blogs are meant to descripbe your product or give an explanation regarding a topic

    2) Blogs which or so short & refere to another site (use bookmark instead of Blog)

    3) You have blabered useless words to gain your SEO we dont want our website to go down in Google Page rank we consider you as a Spammer & report your user id, Mail & Ip address to top sites so that your not able to use these same cheap idea on other sites (well your complete identity is deleted in CG)

    4) You repeatedly posted the same blog content again & again even with different perpective your considered as Spammer & the above step 3 is taken.

    Respect our term's give a blog that user can read we dont want your Spam blog her.