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The Award of Permanent Alimony in Florida

    Florida Divorce
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    By Florida Divorce

    If you have a legitimate need for spousal support, you can request alimony. Just as it is with child support, a Florida divorce court can award financial support to one party. There are five categories of alimony in Florida. They are permanent, rehabilitative, temporary, durational, and bridge-the-gap. Couples may negotiate alimony terms, including amount, duration, and type. If they disagree, the judge evaluates the situation and decides. Permanent alimony in Florida is a rare type of financial support. It is the only type of spousal support without an expiry date. Permanent support gets awarded under special circumstances to a spouse who cannot become self-sufficient any time in the future. Careful considerations get made before awarding this type of alimony.

    The Award of Permanent Alimony in Florida

    Alimony is a payment made from one spouse to another during or/and after the divorce. The alimony concept began a long time ago when one spouse would work a day’s job while the other (usually the woman) would care for the household. Contrary to...


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