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Requirements to File Uncontested Divorce Papers

    Florida Divorce
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    By Florida Divorce

    If you intend to file uncontested divorce papers, get insights from a diligent attorney. Your lawyer should enlighten you about the different categories of divorce in the state of Florida. Ordinarily, you can either have a contested or an uncontested divorce in Florida. An uncontested divorce is only possible if spouses resolve all their differences outside court. In this case, the judge has nothing much to do but dissolve the union. Likewise, the divorce attorney has little representation work. An uncontested divorce is usually quick, affordable, and straightforward. Unfortunately, spouses who cannot settle all their differences privately may not have an uncontested divorce. Often, couples differ over alimony, timesharing (child custody and child visitation), debts, assets, child support, insurance, etc.

    Requirements to File Uncontested Divorce Papers

    Wealth and children may make a divorce complicated. Spouses without assets and no children are likely to have an easier time during their divorce. If several issues require intervention, the divorce may take some time and cost more. Spouses are...


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