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What is Startup Funding?

    Melissa Creech
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    By Melissa Creech

    My Geek Score: Startup funding is any type of capital that helps a new business get started. It can take many forms however generally, there are three options for startup funding: self-financing, investors, and loans.

    i) Self-financing: If you finance your startup yourself, you retain full control of your company (as opposed to investors) and avoid interest payments (as opposed to loans). The downside is the possibility of losing your savings if your business goes bankrupt.

    ii) Investors: This form of startup funding does not include monthly payments; however, you will likely have to give up participating in your business. Some investors want to be actively involved in their company's decision-making process, while others take a more non-interventionist approach.

    iii) Loans: Small business loans allow you to take full control of your startup; However, you immediately begin to repay the loan plus interest. Most traditional lenders, such as banks, only lend to established companies with solid finances. As a new business, you may need to look for other sources such as Online Lenders.

    Beginner’s Guide To Startup Funding: When & How Much To Raise


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