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The Significance of Impact Analysis for Growing Enterprises

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    By ImpactableX

    We live in an increasingly competitive business environment. Customers and clients are more environmentally and socially conscious. They tend to gravitate towards institutions that guarantee the quality, convenience, and a commitment to environmental conservation. To remain relevant in a dynamically evolving market, corporations have to innovate and invest in ventures that guarantee favorable returns. One area that is often ignored by founders is investing in impact analysis. There is an enormous social capital asset waiting to get seized by growing institutions. Unfortunately, many social entrepreneurs think of impact analysis as a complicated and perplexing undertaking. They think that only established corporations have the financial muscle to carry out impact analysis. However, ImpactableX provides a simple modeling framework that generates centralized, standardized and quantified impact analytics. Please check them out here.

    The Significance of Impact Analysis for Growing Enterprises

    The expectation amongst many founders is that impact analysis is a hard process. There are many approaches and terminologies in the space of impact analysis. Some of the methods are designed for...


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