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The Significance of Impact Assessment to Startups and Growing Businesses

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    By ImpactableX

    Many companies are struggling to measure the impact their operations have. Although social impact accounts for a large percentage of the company, social entrepreneurs often struggle with impact quantification. Founders don’t understand the levers that could drive environmental and social impact. They also don’t know the value that social impact would create for their institution. The process of impact assessment is fundamental because it provides the tools necessary for the building of institutions aligned with their mission. It also enables companies to unlock the enormous social capital asset available to them. Although investors and social entrepreneurs want clarity regarding the impact activities of their company, they often feel perplexed about the logistics. ImpactableX alleviates any confusion through the use of a simple modeling framework. Please check out their website for more information.

    The Significance of Impact Assessment to Startups and Growing Businesses

    Many founders think that the cost of impact assessment is higher than their small budgets. They are often discouraged to invest in impact an...


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