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The Implications of Florida Alimony Laws

    Florida Divorce
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    By Florida Divorce

    The alimony concept is fundamental because it cautions a financially disadvantaged spouse. In the past, spousal support got awarded to the spouse who would remain at home taking care of the household. Today, more couples earn an active income. However, alimony in Florida remains in effect to protect either spouse from becoming financially destitute. A divorce process can force either spouse to make adjustments to their standard of living. A spouse may suffer if no one can provide for their daily needs during and after a divorce. Thankfully, alimony laws cushion the family from hard times financially. The popular belief is that only the woman can request alimony. The truth is that either spouse can receive spousal support if they prove the need and show that the other spouse has the means to pay.

    The Implications of Florida Alimony Laws

    There are different categories of alimony in Florida . They include permanent, durational, rehabilitative, temporary, and bride-the-gap alim...


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