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How to Scale up Social Impact using an Effective Modeling Framework

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    By ImpactableX

    There are numerous business opportunities for startups to exploit. If a new business is willing to think outside the box and implement clever business strategies, it will outsmart the competition and grow. ImpactableX is a company that seeks to help young companies to unlock their massive social potential. New technologies provide potent tools to access the marginalized demographic and the scarce resources globally. Founders must be ready to quantify the extent to which technology influences change. Startups have to do social impact evaluation to account for their impact on society. The metrics of impact evaluation are essential at all times. Founders who can quantify and define their potential with accuracy will gain a competitive advantage.

    How to Scale up Social Impact using an Effective Modeling Framework

    Information is power. Data makes it possible for founders to utilize social capital effectively. There is an enormous social capital market waiting to be exploited by startups. Evaluation and...


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