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Felicite Agnes Dembele is an extraordinary women.

    Felicite Agnes Dembele
    • 5/5 (2 votes)
    By Felicite Agnes Dembele

    Felicite Dembele is a great women. When she was in high school she obtained the highest note in mathematics course grade 10 (MFM1P) in the province of Ontario. On the other side, Felicite Agnes Dembele starts a business Is a platform where cooks share their plates with the full recipes. Felicite Agnes Dembele is one of Ottawa’s young black women entrepreneurs.

    Felicite Agnes Dembele on Mountain Project

    Felicite Agnes Dembele's climbing routes, routes, and photos.


    5/5 (2 votes)
    5/5 (2 votes)