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Is Games as a Service is Bad?

If you’re wondering if games as a service are Bad or not then you need to read this blog, you’ll know some pros and cons of the games as a service model.

In simple words, games as a service is a revenue model in which companies charge small in-games purchase fees. You might have seen some skin update, a new weapon, map update, and if you want to play or use these minor updates, you have to pay for it. It’s all about the overview of games as a service model. 

Now let’s talk, is it good or bad?

Multiple business models come under the service model. Initially, it was service-oriented subscription in which player has to purchase monthly subscriptions to continue to play, such as seen in games like MMO’s.
With the evolving time, this model keep getting changes, and evolving games as a service model continue making money off their titles after release.

It’s a win-win situation, I personally feel that micro-transaction, pre-purchase, and season pass service models are overtly harmful to consumers. It’s like make gamer addicted to your product than offering them a better version by charging small fees.

The problem with this is that they always attempt to dominate the market by pressuring players through dubious means.

The best example of this game is Fortnite, where you don’t get fix skin at the beginning of the game; you’re influenced to buy the crazy skin for yourself. This model mainly targets the younger audience.

Another issue I fond with this model is that micro transaction, which affects the gameplay directly. Suppose a new map was added and you’re not able to play that map for free, then you’ll be forced to make that micro transaction to play that map in the game. 

We don’t suggest any gamer to invest into any titles that implement microtransactions of season passes, or pre-purchase any products or any kind prior to a full release. These are wastage of money, and this micro transction seems so small that you don’t think twice while purchasing it again and again. This way, a gaming company successfully makes millions. 

However, games as a service will be followed in the future, and most of your upcoming games will be delivered in this way.

By: TopUpcominggames
Posted: April 30, 2020, 1:22 am


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