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Rise of New Media and video game Journalism

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    By cominggames

    The era of new digital media is witnessing innovation and radical change across all aspects of journalism. This new era has closed many jobs but brings many opportunities and business models to finance sustainable journalism for the future.

    With the Internet boom of the 1990s Internet base companies stated seeing exponential growth and Internet users were increasing day by day.

    Due to this Internet boom, many big companies become bankrupt, and many employees lost their jobs. My retailer store sale dropped because of e-commerce. Internet changed everything once for all.

    It started showing the effect on print journalism when other people with expertise on the specific subject started sharing their information through the Internet.

    This made every information available quickly on google. Now with the innovation in mobile just again change the usage of the Internet and journalism once for all.

    Now every person uses mobile phones, and whenever we want to search for any information, we open the browser and search for our query, and we get our answers.

    When journalism Industry realise that now it’s time for shifting towards digital because of number benefits, then this caused many job deduction the print base media.

    Because no one wants to buy the newspaper subscription because now anyone can access information on their mobile phone.

    All the Newspaper makes money through advertisement, and most companies prefer digital media for advertisement.

    Due to this news journalism, video game journalism, all shifted towards digital journalism.

    This is how all the journalist and newspapers, magazine are now on digital media and growing their business, reaching, even more, wider audience.

    By: TopUpcominggames
    Posted: May 2, 2020, 1:19 pm


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