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Issues Covered by Florida Divorce Laws

    Florida Divorce
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    By Florida Divorce

    To have a good understanding of divorce laws Florida it is important to first comprehend the categories of divorce. A couple can choose to agree on all the outstanding issues hence leaving the court with no decision to make except to grant the divorce. On the other hand, couples can have disagreements and contentions concerning various or all divorce issues making it difficult for a consensus to be arrived at. In this case, the divorce will have to be heard before a judge. If the divorce is characterized by legal fights it will most probably take time and consume a lot of financial resources before it can be finalized. Some of the common areas of contention include timesharing, alimony, debt and asset sharing, child custody, visitation, education, etc. It is the duty of the divorcing couple to determine the path they would want their divorce to take. A wise couple will try their best to save their investment, income, and resources instead of spending it in legal battles.


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