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A Free Guide to Resolve RRV Bucket Error in Lotus Notes Database

The RRV bucket is the Record Relocation Vector that points to the specific Notes or object ID within the Lotus Notes database. The main motive of RRV is to look for the specific Notes ID in the Lotus Notes Database and tell the Notes where it is present. However, if the RRV files get corrupted then, it becomes impossible for Lotus Notes to locate the particular object identifier. In this situation, the database fails to open any object while creating a new replica and display an error message on the screen i.e. “RRV bucket error in notes database”.

In this blog, you will get to know about RRV Bucket, its functionality, Reason of RRV bucket error in notes database, and solutions to resolve RRV bucket error.

Quick guide to resolve RRV Bucket error in Lotus Notes Database


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