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Tweets From Ebertfest 2014

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    By Entertainer


    Twitter has helped bring the Ebertfest experience from Champaign-Urbana to the rest of the world. We collected some of the best tweets about Ebertfest this year and wanted to share:

    What I love about @ebertfest is that it EXTENDS films' lives, whereas most festivals deliver movies w/o helping w their future.

    Amazing screening of @EbertMovie "the laughter was richer - the silence deepening and more deafening" here at @ebertfest - Bill Nack

    — Zak Piper (@ZakPiper)

    Magical 1100 seat theater that incredibly still shows film. A time warp experience, with both young and old seeming to be very moved.

    Oliver Stone (@TheOliverStone) April 29, 2014

    “Who cares about the #Oscars!?” - @Stanfield_Keith from #ShortTerm12 on receiving his Golden Thumb at #Ebertfest2014

    — Ebertfest (@ebertfest)

    "Do The Right Thing" made Roger shed tears. Chaz to Spike - "You have a lot to answer for.. You made my husband cry!" #Ebertfest2014

    — Virginia Theatre (@thevirginia)

    After watching YOUNG ADULT and CAPOTE, this year's @ebertfest has reminded us of something invaluable: writers are the worst.

    — Sam Fragoso (@SamFragoso)

    One thing I've learned from @ebertfest is that I want to be @ChazEbert when I grow up. She's funny, smart, amazing, and BOUNDLESS. Love her.

    — Angie Manfredi (@misskubelik)

    Reading tweets from @ebertfest has me flashing back on how joyous & sad & beautiful it was to be there last year. No film festival like it.

    After our "Remembering Roger Ebert" panel this morning, we stopped by Roger's childhood home. #Ebertfest2014

    — Odie Henderson (@odienator)

    Haifaa Al-Mansour, director of #Wadjda, is a totally genuine individual. Entered Q&A in tears because of audience reception. #Ebertfest2014

    — Eliot Sill (@EliotTweet)

    Fact: Films are 10x better when they're screened at #Ebertfest2014

    — Kelsey Sutherland (@Kelssutherland)

    Bless #Ebertfest for always ending w/ a music doc and live music, this year by amazing pianist Henry Butler.

    — Melissa Merli (@mmerli)

    By: The Editors
    Posted: May 1, 2014, 5:16 pm


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