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Another Centurys Episode Portable - PSP Games Review

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    By alenalbert

    In terms of graphics , the game is pretty good with quality approaching the PS2 . From his HUD display was similar to Another Century 's Episode 3 . Every mecha made ​​quite detailed , and artwork of each character is made with such quality artwork in Super Robot Wars Z. On the other hand , when we fought in graphic battlefield looks normal . Looks like From Software sacrificing graphics battlefield in order to improve the quality of graphics on each mecha .

    In terms of sound effects also sound pretty standard . Music this time follow the music system is in Another Century 's Episode R , ie not using vocals again , but only background music only. Previously , ACE games are famous for using the music as well as vocal in ACE 3 Hironobu Kageyama we could hear singing from Shin Getter Robo Heats . For character voice , voice acting ACE Portable has supported by the original seiyuu anime .

    Such as music systems found in Another Century 's Episode R as well , this time providing a Portable ACE Custom Music feature , so we can play the songs that we put on our PSP music folder . This time a little trouble , because we have to compose the entire music we want to use the folders that are automatically created by the ACE Portable . There are 57 folders provided for each event , and other units .

    At when we started this game , Portable ACE ACE provides 150,000 points we spend to buy the units that we will use for the war , and the rest of ACE this point we can use to upgrade these units .

    ACE Portable this time using a system that is somewhat different from the previous ACE . Although the fundamentals of the system and the Portable ACE ACE R is the same , but the biggest change is in terms of story . If ACE before using sequential system scenario , where players follow the story provided , using the Portable ACE mission system freely chosen by the player .

    This change is very suitable for the PSP , as PSP is a portable system , so we can play this game casually . By completing missions given , we collect ACE points that can be used to purchase units that we have not yet .

    Each mission has a wide range of sub - mission that must be completed , in addition to the primary mission . If we managed to finish all the sub - missions , there will be a new unit to unlock for purchase . But this is not easy to do , because if we can not read Japanese fluently , we will not know what exactly a given mission .

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    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)