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Your Spiritual Senses

    Christian Hill
    Your Spiritual Senses

    Your Spiritual Senses

    August 3, 2012

    Julie Redstone

    Beloved Ones,

    Do not think because you may be facing external hardships in your life of a very practical nature, that your inner being is not developing along the lines of your soul's purpose. This is always the case, no matter what outer or inner challenges are being faced. Often, the essence of an outer situation can be viewed in terms of soul purpose, and even more so can the inner changes that are being perceived, no matter of what kind.

    Your spiritual senses can open and are opening in the presence of whatever dilemmas you may be facing. You have only to look more deeply into your heart and into your intuition to know this. Both heart and intuition can convey to your conscious awareness much more strongly than before when something 'feels right' to you and when it does not. This property of things, people, situations, or directions in which something 'feels right' and something else feels less right is a property of spiritual light.

    Light is conveying to your inner knowing which direction to go in and how to view whatever circumstances you are in, especially when decisions need to be made. The path of light which comes to your awareness as something 'feeling right' is a path of inner knowing, based on resonance with your soul and with your soul-purpose. If you have prayed to know what to do in a particular situation, if you have asked for guidance once or many times, then it is a matter of trusting the light to guide you through the phenomenon of 'feeling right.' Trust in your own perceptions is most essential and can be turned to if you have also been prayerful regarding the intent to be aligned with Divine guidance and Divine purpose.

    In addition to things 'feeling right' and feeling less right which is based on a growing attunement to the light in situations, there is also the spiritual understanding of things and people which is growing within you. Your inner being knows who you need to be with and who you need to refrain from being with. Your inner being can sense the light in situations and people and can tell when something feels 'off' about a personal encounter, even with one whom you have known for a very long time. The increased presence of spiritual light is clarifying relationships on all levels, even as it heals individuals in the same way, and so new perceptions of who you should be associating with are coming into consciousness. These, too, need to be met prayerfully in relation to asking for Divine guidance and accompanied by trust in oneself as well.

    Finally, there are messages coming to you from other realms to help you navigate during this time of planetary transition. These messages are from helpers on all levels within the realms of light, and you are not without help of this kind if you have asked for it and desire it. Open yourself further to asking for help from the higher dimensions and more will come to you. Though such help may come in words, it will not always do so. Sometimes it will simply feel like your own inner knowing being amplified in a way that you can sense. No matter how help comes, however, it will always be your choice as to how you hear, respond, and absorb it, and to what degree you allow it to become part of your active life and your decision-making.

    Each one is opening spiritually at this time, and you are not without these openings within yourself no matter what difficulties you are facing internally or externally. Trust this, for it is the lighted pathway that is given to you that leads to reunion with your own soul and with the Divine. For this is the time of reunion, and it is happening to all to different degrees as the Earth becomes more and more a planet of light.



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    5/5 (2 votes)