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The Power of "Yes"

The Power of "Yes"

The Power of "Yes"

July 20, 2012

Julie Redstone

Beloved Ones,

There are many times when it is impossible to know what is happening or why it is happening, especially during times of profound change and transformation. During such times, one can learn that the mind is not the place to turn to know how to navigate, but that the deeper heart connected with the soul offers a way through whose foundation is the power of "yes."

"Yes" indicates a willingness to trust God with the unfoldment of events, even when these events are unclear and even when the outcome is uncertain.

"Yes" allows the embodied self to reach for the higher self in an alignment that is based on surrender to the will of the higher self which is connected with God.

"Yes" transforms fear, doubt, and anxiety into willing surrender and hope that is based on trust in the Infinite whose only and sole purpose is the unfoldment of good.

The power of "yes" must often be reached for through the layers of fear that cloud the mind and that prevent the full knowing or experiencing of the heart's truth. Such reaching turns the conscious self away from fear and toward the source of Truth that lies within the eternal unfoldment of each soul and of the planetary body.

To get past fear, even when it is strong, the reaching for trust and the willingness to surrender to the unfolding life of love and to the greater Oneness that embraces all must be held firmly. Willingness does not need to be perfect or doubt-free. Yet it must be persevered in and it must be clung to as one clings to a life-raft in the midst of a storm. Clinging, one may not know the outcome of the clinging, but one knows that greater safety lies in holding on. So, too, can a path through fear and doubt be created, even when the outcome is not sure within one's own consciousness.

The power of "yes" negates and eliminates the power of darkness. It is in itself transformative. It carries the light of Divine intention in stronger measure into the heart, and brings Divine truth, light, and strength into the embodied self. It is not merely an idea. The power of "yes" is also an energetic pathway that draws to itself the greater light of the Universe.

There are many, today, who face circumstances and challenges that appear to have no positive resolution, and which bring forth fear that then gets amplified by forces that seek to contract the power of light and of light's purposes. Saying "yes" to the implicit longing of the heart to trust the invisible hand of God is the energetic pathway toward a positive resolution of whatever dilemma is being faced. It must be pursued. It must be clung to. It must be affirmed and anchored in as much as possible.

All who seek safety during difficult times, during times of great challenge and uncertainty, need to understand this power, born of trust and of willing surrender. Such trust and surrender are based in love for God, and in the assurance which the soul lives and which the heart knows, that God is love. 

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5/5 (2 votes)