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Pacific Rim Movie Review : Pathetically Grim

Pacific Rim Movie Review : Pathetically Grim

Pacific Rim is a Guillermo del Toro film. Let me say that again because it’s little a hard to believe. Pacific Rim is a Guillermo del Toro film. The first time I saw the promo of this film, I said to myself it’s going to be really stupid. Then again it has been quite a few times that I have been proven wrong and it’s something that I am proud of. However the amount of excitement this movie had among people, it was as if 18 year old gals watching The Beatles for the first time was pretty insane.

Being a Guillermo del Toro film you need to have  a certain to-do list and tick things off individually. Beautiful colors which is almost like a painting on celluloid-Check. Needs to have strong character development – box not checked. For story and screenplay -the tick box didn’t exist for this film, so couldn’t check. It is the most indigestible part about the movie. There is no clear plot, it goes in so many directions leaving you dazed and confused. What this film does is that it takes a route similar to Alien’s V/S Predators . It takes Transformers and Godzilla and merges them, so the originality part is taken away from Kaiju. Then they sprinkle it with the most painful cliches with which you have been tortured over the years and as a result you have to sit through over two hours of that. The film tries to do so much with Jaegers, inner demons, father daughter relationship, father son, two brothers and most important Kaiju Jaegers fight, that they don’t get anything right. It has no clear direction and everything seemed to be just touched upon without any deep emotional bond.

Of course, the only reason this movie seemed to be made in the first place was for the Jaegers and Kaiju action sequences, which were quite less compared to everything else in the movie which just go on and on. And you know all along, how it’s going to end. What’s disappointing about the action sequences where the Kaijus are destroying the world looks right, yet everything seems so glossy and beautiful as if it was a good thing. If it’s a story about Monster v/s Robots ,then everything around should be destroyed and battered with an ugly scenario all around. There should be chaos and mayhem people should be running around and you must be scared, but it was just too glossy which made it very laidback kind of action film and you don’t want that. We rave about Hollywood for its CGI and it is just amazing how good the CGI is. But, it is just sad that sometimes all you see in the movie is CGI.

Paicfic RimAbout the performances, the less said the better. There were couple of scenes where I just couldn’t resist and laughed out loud. And what’s strange is that they are not all bad actors. There is just no character development, no emotional conflict so the actors are as expressionless as the Jaegers in the film. And what it did was, not letting us being able to connect with the characters so we did not care as to what happens to them. They were so hell bent on robots that the writers ignored the humans. The comic element just seemed forced and out of place. The run time did not help as well, it was too long and at times too tedious to sit through.

I get what Pacific Rim is trying to do, it is suppose to be this mindless action film. But there is a thin line between a mindless summer blockbuster and something half hearted and this seemed half hearted. There are way better films which deserves your whistles and claps. Man Of Steel, Iron Man 3, Skyfall which despite the flaws manage to complete your craving for entertainment and then there is above everything else entertaining films like The Avengers. Pacific Rim just feels empty and hollow and just praying that if they are making a sequel to this it will be better than what they dished out and considering the bar, it must not be too difficult.

By: Sanket "SANKI" Shetty
Posted: November 4, 2013, 1:10 pm


5/5 (2 votes)
5/5 (2 votes)