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Krrish 3 review: A crash course in molecular biology

krrish-3Movies are part of my balanced diet and sometimes I have to make do with whatever is showing. So this year I also ended up watching Vishwaroopam, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, etc. Therefore, feel free to judge me.

Being Diwali season et al and with the family visiting, it felt acceptable to go and watch a typical commercial movie. “Krrish!!… I like Hrithik” suggested someone and I ended up watching it first day first show. I did try to ‘leave my brains at home’ but am not sure how one does that. Anyone?

Ideally my ramblings should end here. But here goes nothing…

*spoilers ahead* If you care…

The movie starts with a recap of the first two movies, E.T. and The Matrix. We then cut to a scene where the world’s greatest scientist, Rohit Mehra (Hrithik from KMG), is working with a bunch of mirrors and an odd looking apparatus which uses the sun’s rays to breathe life into dead plants and superheroes.  We soon discover that this apparatus doesn’t quite work and his son Neo (a.k.a. Krrish) suggests that maybe that’s because it lacks a ‘dimaag wala filter’. Aquaquard missed out on a fantastic opportunity for product placement here.

krrish-3-We are also introduced to Kaal – the super villain and the highlight of the movie. He is the love child of Professor X and Magneto and exhibits both their characteristics. He hates his life and is basically an evil and arrogant fuck. He also creates Maanvars (a lethal fusion of Maanavs and Jaanwars) in his free time. And so we have an assortment of Maanvars who are all by-products of Kaal’s DNA-mixing. There is a playful Maanvar who creates panic in Mumbai by stealing ice cream out of cones (much to Rajpal Yadav’s chagrin). We have a Maanvar with powers which are unidentifiable – maybe that’s his power? And we have Kaya Memsaab – A form-changing, chameleon-woman-seductress with DNA so hot you’d want to get into her genes.

Kaal also owns a pharmaceutical company which manufactures viruses – the antidote to which can only come from his own blood (or so he thinks *tsk tsk*).  The X-Maanvars unleash the virus in India with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible from the antidote; so that Kaal can continue playing DNA-DNA. But Kaal and his Maanvars did not take Krrish into account. After all, Krrish is a low profile superhero and the media hardly covers any news on him.

So this motley crew of X-Maanvars take on Krrish. Krrish attempts a few Shoryuken’s and sends them all running. He doesn’t chase them though. He is not a proactive superhero you see – never one to take the challenge directly to his nemesis. Clever.

Then there are a few completely unpredictable twists and turns. Senior Krrish gets abducted. Krrish’s ‘exotic’ wife Pinky and his unborn superbaby get abducted.  Kaya Memsaab falls for Krrish //Bow chika wow wow//. And there is also a little boy who is omnipresent in the movie – you can spot him dangling from cables, on the chief minister’s VIP list, in the climax, etc. Makes you wonder if he is also a X-Maanvar. He kept me guessing that brat!

Finally Krrish, who by now has had enough of the movie, decides to take on Kaal. His face reverberates like a temple gong and he ski’s his way into Kaal’s den. But Kaal has just had a few cocktails of bone marrow, red bull and DNA (what else?!) and is now hungover enough to feel invincible. *hic* aa ja jisko aana hai…

So we have a final showdown between the Krrish and Kaal (who now looks like Chitti’s poorer cousin) amidst collapsing buildings. Krrish goes all Hulk on Kaal and comes out as the real Man of Steel. Woo hoo!

Raghupati from Krrish 3The characters in the movie also regularly call upon God, Allah and Bhagwaan for help. In a melodious musical performance, this triumvirate are cited as the reason behind this insaan called Krrish. And here we thought Krrish is what he is thanks to extra-terrestrial influence. Somewhere Erich von Daniken must be cheering for him.

The movie is a ‘wholesome’ entertainer. It has award winning music and the music director’s creativity should be lauded. To convert Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram into a party song was genius. And the humour! What is funnier than a 6 year old shouting “fat gayi kya” anyway?

But the real hero of the movie is the smashingly original script. Each and every single scene is bursting with refreshingly new ideas. It almost made me think I am watching a Bhatt movie! It has also been made keeping in mind the ‘perfect recipe’ for family oriented Hindi movies and therefore has ‘just the right’ amount of melodrama to ensure it is successful. Kaal laughing and saying “you emotional fools” in the climax almost seems like an inside joke directed at the viewers.

The SFX are decent. No really… they are. Really! It’s a big step up from Krrish 2 which was largely made using the custom animation tool in MS Powerpoint – fly in from left, spiral, fade out, zoom in, etc. At least there is an effort and for that reason alone it is miles ahead of movies like Chennai Express, Boss, etc. And so it left me wondering what this movie could have been!

So go for it:

  • If you enjoy kitschy entertainers
  • Want to see SFX marginally better than Krrish, Enthiran and Ra.One
  • Or if you know how to leave your brains at home

By: Anand G
Posted: November 2, 2013, 4:34 pm


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