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Krrish 3 Movie Review: Superboring Cinema

When Koi Mil Gaya was released in 2003, Atal Bihari was still the Prime Minister of India. Mobile phones were still an luxury item and only few possessed it, per minute calling was around 2 rupees, Hrithik was labelled as one film wonder with Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon helmed by one of the most successful directors Sooraj Barjatya only added to Hrithik’s long list of flops. Amongst these,  Koi Mil Gaya was a make or break film for Hrithik. Koi Mil Gaya catapulted its way to box office success and changed Hrithik’s fortune forever. The sequel to Koi Mil Gaya,  Krrish released in 2006 also met with a good reception at the box office although the critical acclaim was mixed.

Kangan Ranauat hot in Krrish 3Krrish 3, which comes after ten years of Koi Mil Gaya is third part of  the trilogy, but lot of things have changed since 2003.Internationally Hollywood has revived the Super Hero genre with Spiderman, The Avengers and The Batman series pushing the envelope. Indian audiences have lapped up these films with them having done record business at the Indian Box Office. Now mobile phones are a necessity, with 3g plans being sold at as low as 100 INR. Hrithik has tried to be an international star with Kites, but the move backfired and he is happy doing Bollywood potboilers like Agneepath.


Rakesh Roshan and David Dhawan are the only directors who are still holding on to their forte since 80’s ,their films are still cash cows at box office, unlike their peers like Subash Ghai who is struggling to give a hit for more than a decade now.

Vivek Oberoi as "Kaal" the antagonist  in Krrish 3 Movie ImagesRakesh Roshan’s films usually have a simple template, establishing the character in first half in which the hero is usually underdog, we see him being bullied by villains, cheated and even killed. Remember in Karan Arjun, both the lead characters die in first few reels. Be it Rohit Mehra who is bullied in first half of Koi Mil Gaya, even Krishna  is naïve in first half of Krrish, Rohit in Kaho Na Pyaar hai or Rekha in Khooni Bhaari Mang.

In the second half of the film, the lead character always gets some powers. Rekha is transformed into a gorgeous looking lady with help of plastic surgery in Khoon Bhari Maang, ShahRukh khan gets his voice back due to a village doctor in Koyla, Rohit becomes super genius due to help of Jadoo’s power. Rest of the story forms how they save the day.  In his most movies the heroes do not fight for themselves, they always stand up for someone, like Shahrukh’s character Shankar stands up for Gowri In Koyla. In Karan Arjun they are out to avenge the villain who has wronged their mother.

If you look at it closely, this is what most super hero stories are at the end of the day, an underdog character getting superpowers and saving the world.

While I enjoyed Koi Mil Gaya in spite of its blatant plagiarism from film like Star Wars to E.T. I was quite disappointed with Krrish. For me Krrish was actually Singapore Darshan and nothing else. Till date, I am not sure what powers exactly Krrish possesses?  He seems to fly and beat people, which any ways is what most Indian film heroes do.

One of the positive points of Rakesh Roshan’s films is that they always have good music, even though sometimes it has to do with stealing tunes from a Russian anthem. Krrish 3 easily has one of the worst soundtrack of the decade and the lyrics only add to our woes by multifold.

Priyanka Chopra hot in Krrish 3The action sequences of Krrish were nothing to write about, even here it seems Rakesh Roshan seems to have been isnpired from films like Superman and the end result is a collection of unimaginative and boring action scenes. Bollywood should watch Shankar’s Enthiran to see how action scenes can be conceived within a limited budget. We know Bollywood does not have money to put into effects like Hollywood does, but at least bring something new in the crisis, just do not copy Hollywood movie scenes, when you know they have put ten times more money and manpower than Bollywood. It is a shame that even after 3 years of Enthiran which was a Tamil film, Bollywood still can’t make a single decent action sequence lasting even for a few minutes.

The film has credited almost half a dozen people in the screenplay department.  I guess all of them had only one duty to do, watch Hollywood Superhero films and suggest which scenes they should copy. The dialogues are gems. Sample this “Burai ka antim sanskar acchai karti hai’’.

If Subash Ghai’s Yadeein made you cringe with the innumerable brand endorsements, then Krrish 3 will give you a feeling like you are walking in mall. The name of the Susanne Roshan’s brand of boutique is visible thorughout the film.

Apart from the superhero, one thing which endears us to such stories is the location. For Batman it is Gotham City, for Spiderman it is Big Apple. This cities are characters in these films and add a layer of connectivity with audience. But in Krrish all you get to see is Ramoji Rao film city studio, which the makers claims to be is Mumbai City, but it does not look anything like the maximum city, it seems for makers of Krrish, Mumbai city is full of glass façade buildings with no slums.

If you are wondering why I have not said anything about story, is for a simple reason that I do not want to waste your or my time on discussing an unoriginal and an uninspired story.

My suggestion would be watch Enthiran at your home again this Diwali and avoid Krrish 3.


By: Cinemausher
Posted: November 1, 2013, 8:11 pm


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