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DIY Gutter Repair With The Professionals.

DIY Gutter Repair With The Professionals.

Well-maintained gutters will ensure that your home remains safe during heavy rain and storms and prevent secondary problems such as pests and mold. So, keeping your gutters in excellent condition should be among your top home maintenance priorities.

Don’t let minor gutter repairs snowball into something much worse. Save yourself some trouble by learning these essential gutter maintenance tips from a roof repair in Santa Clarita company.  


  1. Regularly Clean Your Gutter.

So, how often should you clean your gutter? Short answer, at least twice a year – late spring/early summer and in early winter.

The long answer depends on four factors:

  • Trees: Do trees surround your house? Then a lot of leaves and foliage may end up in your gutter, and you may need to clean more than twice a year.


  • Weather: Do you live in a place that snows during winter? Then your house gutter may end up blocked during the winter, and you may need to clean it more often.


  • Animals: Squirrels are known to drop sticks, nuts, and more into house gutters; birds may build their nests in your house gutter. If you live in an area with, abundant wildlife, then you need to clean your gutter often. 


  • Gutter Guards: Gutter guards keep your gutter cleaner but at the same time hold big debris on top of it, preventing it from working properly. You need to keep an eye out to avoid unnecessary surprises! 


2. Clear Your Roof

Roofs to hold many leaves and debris, which may end up in your gutter during the rainy season, leaving it clogged. Use a ladder for elevation and avoid climbing all over your roof to prevent shingles’ damage. Use a rake to sweep leaves and other debris off your roof carefully. If you are not about to do it, you can contact professional roofing companies in Santa Clarita organization. 


  • Check for holes, leaks, and rust.

After cleaning your house gutter, don’t forget to inspect them. Use a hose to flush smaller debris out of the gutter and watch the underside of the gutter as the fine materials move with the water.

Look for leaks, which may be an indication that you might have small holes in your gutter system. You might need to seal along the seams or end caps!


  • Check the Downspouts,

A downspout that doesn’t do its job is a terrible thing for a house. Clogged downspouts may lead to flooding in the basement or around the foundation of your home.

Are there sheets of water cascading over the edge of your gutter? Then your downspouts or underground drain may be blocked. 

Is there a bend or indent in your downspouts? Then this may cause them to become at least partially blocked. 

Use a hose to spray into the downspout, and if water doesn’t flow out at the same rate as you are splaying, you are dealing with a clog.  

Gently tap on the elbows, edges, and corners with a hammer to open the downspout.


3. Update Your Gutter,

If the above tips haven’t fixed your gutter, it may be time to install a new one. 


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