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What safety standards to expect in the best preschool in Mumbai?

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    By springbudsis

    Are you parent to a young kid going to preschool? Then you must be having some expectations from the school authority in terms of maintaining safety standards. Let’s see some mandates that the classrooms should maintain.  

    Best Preschool in Mumbai

    1. Keeping dangerous supplies out of reach:  Objects like scissors, tacks, glue, and lighters should be kept beyond the reach of children. Small objects that can cause choking should be placed out of reach. Now, the teacher must keep a keen eye on the kids while at work.

    2. Washing hands repeatedly: Since the COVID outbreak children are taught extra protection on hand wash and keeping themselves clean and dry. Take special care about personal items like towels or tissues.  

    3. Sanitizing: There is a special arrangement of sanitizing bench, desk floor, and every item of use. Sanitizers should be kept at every point but kids should not use them dangerously. The best preschool in Mumbai follows these rules meticulously.

    4. Practicing emergency plans: The teachers and kids should be prepared for an emergency situation like fire or evacuation. Teachers must teach the kids to act responsively and keep calm in these situations. You can expect these standards to be followed by playschool in Thane.

    5. Floors: The floors must be kept clean and maintained all the time since kids spend most of the time here. The carpets should be fixed with duct tapes and cleared of any debris of Lego or other items so as to avoid a fall.

    6. Design of rooms: Design the classes in such a way that you can keep things properly arranged on the shelves. You will have to avoid keeping anything on the way so as to obstruct the view of the students.

    7. Managing classrooms: In case the school committee loves kids and is dedicated to teaching them then following these rules would become very simple.

    You will find the best preschool in Mumbai and playschool in Thane following these safety norms.



    4/5 (1 votes)
    4/5 (1 votes)