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Top 10 Software Testing Companies to Hire Software and QA Testers in India 2021

    Ariel bick
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    By Ariel bick

    Software quality assurance (SQA) testing, or software testing, assures that the website experience is properly executed before a user interacts with it. Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) testers test websites while it is being developed to improve any malfunctions or defects, using tools and performing security testing.


    What Does a QA Tester Do?


    QA testers play an important part in a product’s development. They ensure the final product meets the requirements set out by the client, and reduce the number of errors in software. QA analysts are the first ones to encounter anything that might make the user experience worse. After testing the software, a QA analyst will document any problems they had and send the report to the developers who revise the software. This cycle of development and testing continues until the QA analyst (or team of QA analysts) are satisfied with the final product and give it its stamp of approval. Once the QA analyst signs off on a product, it’s considered ready for release.

    Reasons to Hire Software and QA Tester:


    • Ongoing assessment is important for the development
    • “We’ll deal with it when it comes” approach
    • Senior developers review the code anyway?
    • Exclusive experience in bug detection
    • QA testing is not just about bugs
    • Improving product confidence
    • The benefit of having a QA tester from the same firm
    • Developers create what is required and not what is perfect
    • Developers make only a part of the product
    • Webmasters are not always technical experts

    Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 companies to Hire Dedicated Software and QA Testers across the world for providing top-notch software development services:

    1Agnito Technologies


    If you are looking for expert QA testers to hire in affordable pricing in India then Agnito Technologies is a perfect destination for you. As a top-notch Software service provider, they aim to help businesses of all industries and sizes to set up remote software QA tester’s teams. No matter whether you are a digital agency, a software company, or a startup, you will get the finest quality of service with satisfactory results.

    Their software testers possess 10+ years of experience that know how to deliver a seamless user experience. With 2x less time, you get in-depth domain expertise from their 1% of top software engineers.

    2. Mind Inventory


    Hire QA engineers for innovative and affordable QA and software testing services. Their highly-skilled software QA testers/engineers perform quality analysis over your application promising the full test coverage by applying procedural testing techniques, helping you deliver quality products.

    They have a team of skilled, seasoned, and experienced software testing professionals who help you build flawless IT systems with a complete focus on end-users requirements. With varied expertise in manual and advanced testing technologies, They assure the quality software for delivery.

    3. Pixel Crayons


    Are you struggling to hire QA testers in India? QA engineers at PixelCrayons are experienced and well-versed in testing techniques that can help you save up to 70% of your costs. Their quality assurance software testers improve the reliability, functionality, quality, and usability of mobile and web apps with the best strategies and tools. When you hire software testers from PixelCrayons, you decrease the Time to Market an app.

    They have 500+ trained professionals that offer you the flexibility of different hiring models, making outsourcing QA & software testing services effortless.

    4. Value Coders


    Looking for experienced QA testers within your project budget? Their offshore QA engineers help you design and execute robust quality assurance strategies throughout the entire development cycle and save up to 60% QA cost. Hire Software and QA testers online with 5+ years of average experience from us on an hourly, dedicated(monthly), or fixed cost basis to get a seamless user experience on your applications.

    5. Testrig Technologies


    QA testers are the backbone for any developer, and certainly, without QA Testing there is no future for a software product to be competent in the industry. So being at Testrig Technologies, help you reach the next level in your app competency. Their world-class team would help you extend your software product security and establish your worth in the new era of technology. They have every reason to be called the top QA testers as they believe in learning from all their past clients, and they believe in learning both social and technical ethics from every work that they do.

    6. Spec India


    As one of the principal testing organizations in India, their dedicated and skilled testers are committed to offering the best of testing services, coupled with controlled cost run, minimal rework time, balanced evaluation of the solutions with a perfect blend of manual and automated testing. Their testing professionals are well versed in the intricacies of testing processes, testing methodologies, and all state-of-the-art testing tools and technologies. 

    They possess the most appropriate ability to analyze and test the entire solution and offer a comprehensive report showcasing all necessary steps to be taken, well ahead in time to avoid any last-minute mishaps and thereby, implement an almost foolproof solution.



    They provided quality work on the development and design of complicated multi-vendor shopping portals, quick and efficient communication, provided useful guidance and suggestions in development, was patient and flexible with changing design specs from the client-side, used Laravel and other Libraries, and customized design and tools to complete the job efficiently.

    8. Concetto labs


    At Concetto Labs, They have a wide range of software testing services. They protect the data and information and maintain functionality using a testing technique called security testing. Their professional experts use the most advanced automation tools. Among the testing tools, we use Selenium which is a testing framework to perform web applications across various websites.

    They work with the most automated testing tools. Concetto Labs are the best for hiring software quality analysts in India. Use of value coders’ independent Quality Assurance and testing services to reduce the time and effort in testing. Their software tester helps you to shorten the time to time (TTM) for your products for your improvement. Applications are tested on the basis of the client's requirements.

    9. Hire Tester


    Participating in numerous projects, They have gained wide-ranging experience in manual, automated testing and are no slouch when it comes to catching even the most elusive bugs. Their crew will help you to launch a bug-free solution, meeting the most stringent quality standards. Get on board!

    10. Openxcell


    Each software development company needs to carry out regular tests on the software they create before delivering the software. Testers are considered the shining stars of the software life cycle. Software testers are the ones who shape the raw product into the outcome. The main aims and objectives of a tester are to make a product or a program better by every means. How successful your testing is, the more well-performing software would be in the market.

    Let’s have a look at how the testers and their roles impact your product. Hire software testers online with 5+ years of average experience from us on an hourly, dedicated(monthly), or fixed cost basis to get a seamless user experience on your applications.


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