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Learn Basics of Android Studio

Learn Basics of Android Studio

Android development can be an extraordinary method for transforming your thought into the real world or start a promising vocation as an application engineer and beginning is likely simpler than you might suspect. Nowadays android improvement is finished with an instrument called android studio. Android studio is similar to microsoft expression of composing android application. Android studio coordinates our activities and gives us an easy to understand method for making what we're searching for. In this article, we'll stroll through introducing android studio and afterward make an application.

Don't worry if you don't have any experience with android or even programming or a newcomer in any app development company in bangalore. In general as long as you follow along we'll all end up at the same place. Now you have to download android studio but first let's look at what we'll be making these days. There are too many choices of everything so to help us choose between a bunch of options we'll make an app that lets us specify how many options there are and then selects one at random when we click a button.
1. Start by downloading android.
2. Studio and go to the android developer website and then click the download button.
3. Accept the terms and conditions and then download android studio.
4. Once it's downloaded follow steps mention in the website to install android studio.
5. Drag it into the applications folder and then launch android studio.
6. Since you won't have any previous settings you can choose do not import settings then click ok to complete the installation.
7. Now we're presented with the android studio setup wizard.
8. On this first screen we can just click next for the install type let's pick custom and then click next.
9. Now we can pick our ui theme.
10. I'll keep it as default and then when we're selecting our sdk components you can download the android sdk and installed on your computer but you'll want to make sure this is checked as well as the intel hack sum performance box and since i'll be running this on a virtual device.
11. We'll want to include an android virtual device as well this is just a version of android that runs on our computer.
12. If you have your own android device you don't need to include this but it's recommended if you're going to continue doing android development then let's click next and we can accept the recommended choice here and click next again.
13. Now finish once you've downloaded all the components you might need to type in your password to allow it to install then let's click finish.
14. Now that we're running android studio. Let's pick start a new android studio project to get started first we'll need to specify our application name.
15. Let's call it randomizer then for the company domain you would put the web address of your company so for me this will be companydotcom.
16. Though really as long as you're not publishing the app to the play store this can be whatever you want.
17. Lastly android used to be written entirely in java but recently we've been given the freedom to use kotlin which I think is a big improvement over java. Let's check the include kotlin support box.
18. Now click next to continue next again and then finish.
19. Now I know you're probably ready to get started but before we get on with the app. Let's take a minute to talk about how an android app comes together the first piece of an app is the layout which describes how the app should look in android layouts are created by combining different types of views.
20. At its most basic a view is just a rectangular area on the screen.
21. But there are views that contain text views that act as buttons and even views for holding other views and by combining all these different types of views we can make pretty much anything.
22. The other piece of an app is the activity you can think of the activity as the code behind a layout it's where you tell your buttons. What to do getting back to the code it looks like we're looking at our activity.
23. It sometimes shows some errors and it's suggesting a solution so click that accept the agreement and click next and then finish. That looks much better.

Don't worry that's pretty much everything. Everyone's experience it takes time and a lot of practice to get good at anything and while you may not have a deep understanding of android you're off to a pretty good start.


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