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Study MBBS in Georgian National University

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    By mbbs_abroad

    Going for studying in a foreign university is a good idea. The standard of education is high and the cost of living is affordable. The students can opt for the government as well as private colleges. The fees are almost the same. Pursuing MBBS in Tbilisi Open Teaching University and such institutes is like a dream come true for the students. It can be a beautiful turn in life that shall carve a great career ahead.

    Georgian National University

    Why go to Europe?

    The Schengen countries in Europe have the best in class colleges and education. When you are looking for MBBS in typical it is a good choice. You will get great experienced faculty to hand down their learnings as well as hostel facility. All this is budget-friendly. The internship is very useful as you get a chance to interact with the patients and get a real-life understanding of the ground situation.

    Why study MBBS in Europe?

    When you go for MBBS in Tbilisi Open Teaching University and similar colleges you get the facility of a student exchange program. So you can not only have the experience in one country rather study in more than that. Also when it comes to studying post-graduation or a masters degree there are lesser choices. So you can find such a college in Europe where you can go in for further studies as well. The whole education system is very well oriented. There is no place for rote learning. The methodology is practice-based. The equipment and technology are the latest in world-class labs. The aspirant shall always turn out better than before as a student as well. The staff is very encouraging and inspiring.

    What are the benefits of studying MBBS in Europe?

    • The education standards are very high.
    • There is premium quality education and teaching.
    • The faculty is highly experienced and they have so much to share.
    • There is international exposure.
    • The curriculum is accepted all over the world.
    • Students can work anywhere in the whole world after passing out.
    • There is an option of working while studying in Europe, so the student can start earning when they are still not graduated.
    • The students can travel freely in all the Schengen countries under student pass

    Eligibility criteria:

    The student must have a valid passport. They must have passed NEET. Applicant must have attained 17 years of age. Also, the birth certificate must be available and a thorough medical test report. Rest there are no special exams to get admission in Europe. So the aspirants can go in for MBBS in Georgian National University.


    If your child wants to go to Europe for studying MBBS in Georgian National University you must try and make his dreams come true. This will be a very crucial decision for their career. Do not stop them from going if you can afford it. Just for the sake of companionship don’t be a spoiler. They will eventually come back to you. Working in the homeland is always an open option.



    4/5 (1 votes)
    4/5 (1 votes)