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Choose the best Sanitary Napkins Brands in India

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    By letstalkhygiene

    People who suffered from pandemics know the importance of cleanliness. We cannot deny that coronavirus teaches us good habits, wearing a mask, cleaning hands, and many more things. Sanitary napkins are helpful to absorb, retain menstrual fluid and isolate it from the body. If we talk about its properties, it is comfortable to wear, no odor, leakage-free, stay in place and most importantly, maintain a high level of hygiene.

    Sanitary Napkins Brands in India

    Reasons to choose the best sanitary napkins brands in India

    There are millions of menstruating women present in India, but less than 20% use sanitary pads. In urban areas, this number goes up to only 52% - indicates that nearly half of urban women use unhygienic methods to protect their periods, leaving them vulnerable to health issues.

    Many companies provide sanitary napkins brands in India, so one should choose best for their health to maintain hygiene. Similarly, changing your napkins regularly prevents infections. Women should change their pads at least once every six to eight hours on days with moderate flow. If your flow is heavy, you may need to replace it more often.   

    Likewise, wet wipes for babies are also beneficial for better hygiene and gives protection to babies. It is easy to use and comfortable for babies' sensitive skin.

    End up

    Sanitary napkins are made from a variety of materials, which vary depending on the style, country of origin, and brand. Pads are not the same as incontinence pads, which generally have a higher absorption capacity. It is necessary to choose the best sanitary napkins brands in India for the hygiene and health of women.

    Also, use wet wipes for a baby with proper care, as doctors also recommend using them with decent protection. Baby wipes were manufactured in the mid-1950s as more people were traveling and needed a way to clean them on the go.

    As we all know, women and babies both require extra care and attention, so it is your responsibility to give the best of everything.



    4/5 (1 votes)
    4/5 (1 votes)