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Best Food Destinations in the World

    Sophia ronald
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    By Sophia ronald

    Every country is defined by its authentic flavor that is hard to resist. With the best food destinations in the world, you can indeed plan out a vacation to taste some of the best food. There are various delectable hot spots besides all the world-famous dining destinations serving the traditional taste of its land. For “foodies” the next meal is much more than an event it is an experience; so much more when on vacation.

    Food and travel pair together like food and wine. And for the epicurean, a trip revolving around food can really enhance the non-edible delights. Indeed, culinary tourism continues to grow in popularity, and destinations across the globe use their homegrown cuisine and enticement for visitors who love to eat. Imagine a bowl of spicy gumbo after a tour of the Garden District in New Orleans, a medley of fresh Pacific seafood after a walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver, or spicy Indian flavors before a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

    If you are planning to explore fantastic foodie destinations all around the world, then we have got a list for you! This list contains incredible foodie destinations for food lovers with the specialty you won’t find elsewhere.

    The Best Food Destinations in the World

    Tokyo for Sushi Lovers

    If the Japanese culture has inspired you a lot then we recommend you come to Tokyo for exploring this love further. Food is a pride of Japan and the traditional cuisine Washoku is listed in the Intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO.

    The reason behind its inclusion is not just the simplicity of food and fresh ingredients but also the bond it creates between families. Food holds an important role in building a society in Japan. And one can only understand its importance by exploring the food culture of Japan.


    The taco culture of Mexico has made it one of the best food destinations. It is also listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Site list of UNESCO for its ancestral community culture and cuisine.

    However, tacos, tortillas, and burritos are not the only Mexican food to try here. Taste these heavenly recipes as well:

    1. Chilaquiles- a healthy Mexican breakfast that prepares with egg and chicken

    2. Enchiladas- corn tortillas with meat, lots of cheese, and veggies

    3. Guacamole- the traditional sauce made with mashed avocados

    4. Elote- spicy corn

    5. Sweet tamales


    If Africa is not on your bucket list, then you are missing mouth-watering food. The Western part of Africa is the ideal destination for tasting all those delectable Moorish recipes. Here is a list of the best African food from each region:

    1. Egusi Soup( Melon seeds soup) from Nigeria

    2. Thieboudienne( red rice, fish, and tomato sauce) from Senegal

    3. Champion’s breakfast Waakye from Ghana

    4. Kedjenou( slow-cooked chicken) from Ivory Coast

    5. Jollof rice

    If you want to know more about foodie destinations read more


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