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Myths of IB Schools in Mumbai

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    By cpgoenkais

    To match global industrial firepower and business standards, India is marching ahead with glorious ambition by promoting and creating a conducive atmosphere for International business schools all over India. Every parent of the nation is looking for qualitative education according to modern standards. IB schools in Mumbai are

    IB School in Mumbai

    EXPOSED!!!  Some common Myths of IB school in Mumbai

    From the last three decades, we know that in our education system, there are some flaws, and we are correcting it, unfortunately, at a very slow pace. There are some welcome changes in the CBSE board, but after all, this is not a softball game for CBSE to implement all over India in one go.

    The introduction of international schools are not a new phenomenon

    Cambridge school of excellence is in India since 1931. American school, Kodaikanal international school, and Woodstock schools are in India since the 1970s and 80s. For the last 15 years, International business schools got prominence in Mumbai. There are now over 100 Top international schools in Mumbai.

    Contrary to popular belief that students are not eligible for Indian universities. In recent surveys shows almost 43% of IB school students enter various courses in Indian universities. Globally doors are open for IB students to enroll in several universities in the UK, Canada, and United States. Top International Schools in Mumbai are not vigorous in their chalk and talk method but very creative when it comes to learning new technology and subject.  

    Lack of implementation of programs and IB schools are expensive.

    Nowadays, IB schools in Mumbai bode well with the Indian education system. A new eco-system is created - an international program with better faculty management and quality training for the teachers. The international school consists of high-quality training with advanced tools and methods. Fees structure from 1 lakhs to 25 lakhs annum, but education and skills set are relatively high.

    Bottom Line

    IB schools in Mumbai are the best option for students of their futuristic development and advancement with new technology in their curriculum.


    4/5 (1 votes)
    4/5 (1 votes)