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Bengal Tour Plans Offers Silk Route Package

    Bengal Tour Plans
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    Bengal Tour Plans Offers Silk Route Package

    If you’re looking to take a Silk route package, then Bengal Tours Plan is here for you. After the huge COVID-19 outbreak and Bangalore riots, we are now conducting tours from Kolkata or other cities at an affordable trip cost so that everyone can enjoy our amazing country! The Sikkim Silk Route is a stunning and ancient route that's made up of breathtaking mountains, tranquil villages, serene monasteries. The beauty here will have you go gaga for the views! If 87% of priests and traders aim to spread Buddhism through this region then it must be worth paying your visit there too right?

    Want to know more? Visit silk-route-package-tour-from-kolkata

    What Should You Pack For The Silk Route Package?

    The Silk route package may be ancient, but it's still a popular tourist destination. What should you pack? Woolen clothes for the chilly desert air and an umbrella to protect from sandstorms are good ideas, as is bringing along some inhalers if your travel plans take you through mountainous areas or over hot deserts in Asia Minor. Camphor can help relieve pain when suffering sunburns (or even better yet: sunglasses will do that too). Medicine might come in handy if altitude sickness kicks in - so bring extra socks and gloves just incase! An ID card with contact information on hand would also make things easier than scrambling around trying to find someone who speaks English every time something goes wrong; not only does this allow locals know where they stand.

    More About This Amazing Destination    

    If you are an adventure traveler who has gone gaga seeing the images on Google Images about "silk route package", pack your bags now as we're going somewhere even more adventurous  – Hill Station tour packages in Sikkhim Region at approx. 14200ft altitude where Times Of India says 87% people travel with one goal only: To Spread Buddha Dharma Through This Beautiful Landscape.

    The Silk Route is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's like a dream waiting to be explored, and it will leave you feeling fulfilled with its stunning views and cultural diversity. For those who love exotic cultures, history-filled scenery, or even just being outdoors during autumn season; this place has something for everyone! The best time to visit would be from August through December when flowers are blooming everywhere throughout hill stations such as Shimla Hills which offer splendid mountain vistas that can't help but take your breath away.


    Address:  50/8D Harish Mukherjee Road, Ground Floor, Annapurna Bari, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025

    Phone: 08420361281 (Santanu Neogi)


    Website: bengaltourplans

    Bengal Tour Plans

    Bengal Tour Plans

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