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Neo-Science Offers Reliable Clinical Diagnostic

    Neo Science
    Neo-Science Offers Reliable Clinical Diagnostic

    Neo-Science aims to provide a total solution for clinical diagnostic labs and hospitals by supplying and servicing them from reputable principals such as Tianlong, Tellgen, Liferiver, Aurora, Macherey-Nagel. The company's applications include Point-of-Care (POC), Infectious Disease Testing including AIDS/HIV testing, and Rare Diseases like Gaucher’s disease diagnosis in addition to Sample Transportation with liquid handling options that allow the courier of specimens to deliver their samples reliably, which is vital when patients are suffering potentially life-threatening or fatal diseases. Neo-Science is committed to providing innovative solutions designed by our engineers, so we cover all aspects from product design through maintenance and servicing while never compromising quality standards.

    Reach Out To Us To Avail Our Services

    The world is a changing place. We are in an era of science and discovery, but some may not have the know-how to capitalize on these new opportunities. Neo-Science offers cutting-edge solutions for Life Science Research, including high-quality tools as well as services that can help them meet their goals quickly while being backed by providers who are globally recognized market leaders in this industry with worldwide partnerships. Neo-Science's reputation for innovation is well established, with over 100 professionals striving to provide integrated solutions. They offer a wide variety of services, from Analytical and Proteomics to Metabolic Life Science Genomics Research and Diagnostics as well Informatics.

    Neo-Science has served clients in the pharmaceuticals industry for years and is now one of the leading providers of advanced informatics systems. We are investing a lot in the facilities to ensure that it is as state-of-the-art and high quality as possible.  Our premises will be fully fitted with demo areas, training labs, service centers, storage warehouses for spare parts and consumables. This way, we can provide top notch services not only locally but also across national borders by ensuring all customers have easy access to any support they may need.




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