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Government Free Light Bulbs Program in Victoria - VEU Program

Government Free Light Bulbs Program in Victoria - VEU Program

Free replacement of old traditional lights to energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades Program). The program was launched by the Government of Victoria in order to save energy and money on power bills. This program enables you to install free LED lights in Victoria, if you are not a resident of Victoria you are not eligible for the program. Under the program, you can install LED lights which will help you to save thousands of dollars per year on your electricity bill. 

Why should I install LED lights?

LED lights are more energy-efficient than any other old school bulb as LEDs consume 80% less energy than orthodox bulbs. LEDs last much longer than old bulbs, one LED bulb can last up to 55,000 hours which is almost 6 times more than an incandescent bulb.  

Environmental benefits 

  • LED lights do not deliver any kind of toxic elements.
  • Relaxing to your eyes, there are no harmful glares.
  • LED bulbs get less heated as compared to halogen bulbs.
  • As they do not get heated, your surrounding is cool and workable.



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