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Brands And Influencers Perspective On TikTok

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    By Anamackenzie
    Brands And Influencers Perspective On TikTok

    TikTok is the most discussed topic between influencers and brands. Brands started researching about the new social media application TikTok and marketers create content that fits in. At the beginning of TikTok doesn’t have campaigns to boost the attacks, so they have researched a lot about the TikTok. So, brands started reaching Influencers to collaborate for their brands. Working with influencers differs depending upon the social media platform. To become Influencers, it takes many months or sometimes years to build the fame and post content depending upon the niche. Lauren Nally, the TikTok influencer who spends above 20 hours a week on TikTok.She shared how we can reach the influencers and her insights. 

    Why Brands Invest On TikTok?


    To get more awareness about the brand, they start investing in TikTok. TikTok has the highest following brands on TikTok. This helps brands to grow the followers quickly on their TikTok and make an awareness about the brand. 

    Organic Post Content Vs. TikTok Ad Content


    Instagram is different when compared to TikTok, and it is a little professional than the organic post. You can find the pop-ups ads when you scroll from the For You page. It is best to create ad content as an organic one. Try to make the ad content as normal so that people won’t scroll it. 

    Prom Girl On TikTok 


    It is a place where you find a lot of young kids. Before TikTok where launched, they focused on Instagram where. Now they started investing in Tiktok, which makes the increased Instagram followers. Prom Girl triest to be accessible on TikTok, and that will not happen every time. Most of the time, they will check the views on whether the pictures are more than 20k. 

    Secrete Ways To Make Your Video Viral


    While posting the video, you will not know whether it will be a flop or a viral one. They did research and understand the algorithm and came to know about what are the videos which are made viral. You need to make unique content, which makes the users watch it for more than 15 seconds and if they like, comment, or share. Tiktok adds up and makes the video as the users like it and makes the users see it in their “For You” Page. There are many celebrities, and influencers buy instant TikTok views to get more engagement with their videos. 

    Influencer Marketing On TikTok Vs. Instagram


    Most of the brands reach influencers on Instagram as the brands need followers on Instagram account. There is no struggle in working with Influencers as of now, and most of the influencers work hard to reach the 200k followers on Instagram, and some influencers may get it overnight with some of the viral videos. 

    Making Followers from One Application To Other 


    They are two separate applications with brands and influencers. They try to make the followers from TikTok to Instagram as they try to increase the followers on Instagram. If you have noticed that if you post the TikTok on the static feed, it couldn’t have performed well for the feed, it worked well on IG stories. 



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