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Why do you see fog in your Glass windows?

Why do you see fog in your Glass windows?

Do you see fog sitting inside of your insulated glass windows? This means you have moisture damage to your double pan windows. Fog tends to form between the glass of double pan windows if its seal has failed. If this insulated seal of the glass is broken, it will fail to prevent fogging inside the glass unit, and you need to call for window glass replacement Sacramento service to fix the issue. There is no need to replace the entire window as a solution, just by simply replacing the glass, the issue will be resolved. 

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In this blog, we will understand the reasons why it happens and how to get rid of it :

In insulated windows, there are two or more panes of glass, which has argon or krypton gas between the panes. The gas is filled for providing insulation. So, it helps to keep heat loss at a minimum and improve the efficiency of the window. These windows have a seal around the IGU (insulated glass unit) that protects the window from moisture and corrosion damage and keeps the room inside your home warmer by reducing heat loss. When this insulated seal fails, the moisture will begin to accumulate in between the two panes of glass, which in turn, will lead to foggy windows. Please note that the fog occurring due to this reason will not occur only in between the panes of glass rather than the exterior or interior part of glass windows.

The problem also occurs in old windows. With time, this seal starts to decline or wear out, making it vulnerable to water, lower temperature, humid temperature, and sunlight. Hot sun rays will make this deterioration a lot faster if the windows are constantly or directly exposed to the sun. Excessive exposure to heat will make the panels contract, and expand more. This will cause the seal to get weaken at a faster rate. As a result, the seal can break at any time and will cause foggy double pan windows.

The effects of fog formation in your double pan windows at your home:

  • Mold growth can happen between the pans, which is a health hazard for your family
  • Foggy windows can block the natural light coming into the home.
  • It will obstruct your beautiful views
  • Water damage ( damage to your home interiors )
  • Corrosion

Solution for foggy windows

Thus, if you see foggy windows at your home, don’t wait to call glass repair Sacramento experts to address this problem.  Professionals are knowledgeable in identifying the cause correctly and give you honest suggestions on whether to go for repair or replacement. Most times, the repair will solve this problem. Earlier the choice for replacing the IGU is not there, the entire window replacement was the only option available to the window repair Sacramento professionals. But now, the IGU panels can be replaced between the window frames. 

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But if you have a very old window, the replacement of the entire window is the only option left for you.



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