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Questions about White Blood Cell Donation for Supporting Research

Questions about White Blood Cell Donation for Supporting Research

Are you considering donating white blood cells? But you have some questions about this type of blood donation in San Diego? This blog will help answer some common questions about white blood cell donation.

In addition, you may get the opportunity to make money for blood donation in Folsom if you are doing this donation to help streamline the research process of life-saving therapies.

Here are some common questions

What are white blood cells?

White blood cells are one of the components of our blood, in addition to red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. All of these components have an essential function and treatment in regards to our bodies. They act as a defense system against diseases and illnesses. There are three types of white blood cells: lymphocytes (T cells and B cells), monocytes, and granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils).

What Do White Blood Cells Do?

As mentioned earlier, they protect your body against diseases. These cells are crucial and have a big role to play. Also known as leukocytes, these cells are always fighting against infections and are. an important aspect of your body’s immune system. The white blood cells help destroy bacteria and viruses by creating antibodies against them.

Who can become eligible for white blood cell donation?

To qualify for apheresis (white blood cell donation), your arms must have large veins. Blood will be drawn by inserting a sterile needle into each arm. The blood drawn from one arm will be passed through the apheresis machine, which will keep your white blood cells separate from the plasma. The rest of the blood will be returned to your other arm.

How long does it take for the donation?

The whole process generally takes 3-4 hours. However, in case of interruption during the process, you will be disqualified for the donation. You will have to wait at least 4 weeks to make the donation again.

Is there any compensation for this donation for research?

Most likely yes, various blood donation and plasma center in Arlington compensate their donors for their contribution towards the betterment of the medical future and improvement of treatments. For white blood cell donation, you will usually be compensated $150 once you qualify for the donation.



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