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What You need to know before you Contact Bail bonds Agents

What You need to know before you Contact Bail bonds Agents

Finding yourself or someone you love in jail is a disturbing experience. But, you can escape jail by posting bail. This bail can either be posted by the defendant or by a bail bonds agent. Because of the high amount set for the bail, many defendants fail to post their bail on their own. It is also important to consider that dealing with the legal process of bail posting can be taxing. Therefore, during this stressful time, it’s best to rely on professional bail bonds Red Bluff agents to get out of jail quickly and affordably.

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Bail bonds company has experienced agents that have legal expertise in helping you with escaping jail or freeing you from jail. If you or your dearest one has been booked for a crime, the wisest decision you could make is to reach out to an experienced and reliable bail bonds company.

But, there are also some things that you should know before you contact them.

Here are things you need to know:


  • Bail bonds act as loans

The bail amount, which is set by the court, needs to be paid to get released from jail while one’s case is being heard. You will have to pay this amount to the court or judge to get out of jail. If you can’t pay this amount, you will stay in jail until your hearing date. If you contact a bail bonds Weaverville agent for assistance, he will pay the amount to court for your release and guarantee the defendant will return to show up for his hearing dates. But, you will have to pay only 10% of the bail amount. All of the amount paid will be returned if the defendant or you turn up in court on his hearing dates. The amount that you give to the bail bonds agent will not be returned as it will be kept as their service fee.

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  • Not all accused can get out of jail on bail

Not every defendant who has posted bail will get out of jail. If the crime committed is severe or the accused is dangerous to the community, the defendant is kept in custody and is denied bail. Crimes such as manslaughter, murder, and rape are considered a serious criminal offense and thus, is refused for bail.

  • You become responsible if the defendant does not appear in the court

If you agree to pay 10% of the bail amount for your loved one and the defendant doesn't show up, all the financial responsibility will be on you. Whereas, if the defendant has in charge of paying the 10% of bail amount if he flees or doesn't show up in court for his hearing, the bail amount will be forfeited. Now, the financial responsibility will be on the bondsman's shoulders. In this situation, all the amount will be recovered by seizing collateral property. So, in case you have signed a bail bond for your friend, or a loved one, you will have to pay the total bail amount.

  • Gather the right Information

Before you reach a reliable Bail Bonds Redding agent, make sure you know the essential details about the person who is taken into custody. You must know where the defendant has been kept as a prisoner and the location of the jail. Also, ensure you know his/her booking number, and the bail amount set for the accused. In case you are the one who is accused, you are most likely to be aware of this information already.


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