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LED lighting upgrade Australia

Why should you upgrade?

Old traditional lights can be a massive factor in energy consumption at home. Lights like incandescent and halogen consume a lot of energy which surely reflects on the energy bill’s amount. After installing or upgrading to new energy-efficient LED lights, you will be able to diminish power usage up to 80 per cent.

How much can you save?

After switching to new residential lights should be able to save up to 85% on energy bills. It does not seem realistic but it is true. For an instance, if you are replacing a 50w halogen bulb with a 7w LED bulb, you will get the same light without any toxic element. So it is certain that you can expect a huge decrease in energy consumption and you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars per year.

What is the cost?

It mostly depends on your location whether it is commercial or residential. But under the VEU can expect discounted products from accredited partners.

What is the installation process?

It is very simple - You can call us we have authorized accredited partners (AP). Our A-Grade professional electrician will visit your home and you will find LED lights upgrading done without much disruption.



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