Top 10 Reasons to Get a PRINCE2 Certification

    Carolina Parker
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    By Carolina Parker
    Top 10 Reasons to Get a PRINCE2 Certification

    What is PRINCE2®?


    PRINCE2® is AN signifier for comes IN a Controlled atmosphere. It's a well-structured project management certification program. PRINCE2® provides a regular path that clearly depicts the roles and responsibilities that area unit to be performed by every team member WHO may be a part of managing the project.


    Top ten Reasons to urge PRINCE2® Certified


    1. international business commonplace

    Global business commonplace PRINCE2-Top ten Reasons to urge PRINCE2® Certified-Edureka

    One of the best advantages of PRINCE2® certifications is that PRINCE2® certification is recognized and valued everywhere the planet. although it absolutely was originally created by the united kingdom government, it's highly regarded in regions just like the UK, Netherlands, Australia, East and West of Europe, etc. As mentioned earlier, PRINCE2® certification is being practiced in 220 countries everywhere on the planet.


    2. bigger Employment Opportunities

    Employment PRINCE2-Top ten Reasons to urge PRINCE2® Certified-Edureka

    It is a matter of undeniable the fact that most of the businesses, each within the personal and public sectors, hold PRINCE2 certification as a requirement for Project Managers. one in every one of the advantages of PRINCE2® certification is that you just will fetch honorable job roles like Project Administrator, Project organizer, Project Analyst, Program Manager, etc. several job boards and agencies have a pre-screening form wherever they'd raise you if you're a PRINCE2® certified skilled or not. Just in case the reply is negative, your resume is going to be born off now.

    3. enhanced earnings

    Salary PRINCE2-Top ten Reasons to urge PRINCE2® Certified-EdurekaSalary is one in every of the most important factors that influence one’s career path. Payscale reveals that the common earnings of a PRINCE2® Certified skilled are around £65K within the UK, $97K within the North American country, and ₹14.88 LPA in the Asian country. However, the earnings will vary consistent with the designation, experience, and also the hiring organization. A number of the top-paying organizations for PRINCE2® certified professionals embody Ernst & Young (EY), TCS, Infosys, yank specific, etc.


    4. No capricious conditions

    No prerequisites-Top ten Reasons to urge PRINCE2® Certified-Edureka

    One of the foremost advantages of PRINCE2® certification is that PRINCE2® certification has no formal pre-requisites. Anyone will apply for it while not having to stress regarding having previous expertise or not. However, it's vital to notice that having AN understanding of Project Management will certainly facilitate. the foremost common professionals WHO elect this certification include:


    5. Designed to Adapt any business

    Industry-Top ten reasons to urge PRINCE2 Certified-EdurekaPRINCE2® is understood across the world for its practice-driven approach to Project Management. It is often tailored for all sorts of comes, as well as Agile (Requires PRINCE2® Agile Certification).


    6. higher Project Management Skills

    Project Manager Skills PRINCE2-Edureka

    It is obvious that because the comes grow in size and complexness, there'll be a lot of and a lot of risks and resource conflicts concerned in it. During this state of affairs, the project gets out of management even once overwhelming longer and energy. This is often wherever the PRINCE2® methodology comes into focus. The adoption of the PRINCE2® methodology can maximize project management, thereby increasing the probabilities of the success of your project.


    7. enhanced Sales of comes


    Successful project managers area unit most frequently needed to own sensible relations with the Business Development team. once project proposals area unit mentioned between the Business Development team and also the shoppers, the shoppers tend to relinquish comes to those organizations wherever they see that the Project Manager is PRINCE2® Certified.

    8. permits you to begin straightforward

    Another nice advantage of PRINCE2® certification is that candidates don't ought to wait or steel themselves against too long. in contrast to different certifications like PMP or PMI, you'll embark simply and fetch the PRINCE2® Foundation certification while not having to attend till you gain expertise.


    9. Tried and Tested

    It is an undeniable fact that the bulk of the comes that fail to satisfy the assorted deadlines with relevancy the price, time, resources, etc., area unit owing to reasons like mismanaged resources, incompetent project managers, lack of coming up with, etc. With PRINCE2®‘s structured methodology, these problems are often handled simply, thereby leading to the general success of comes.


    10. giant comes Management

    Organizations typically choose project managers to support the scale of the project. Once it involves handling giant comes, organizations would require somebody WHO will manage several resources at the same time.


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