Bro Johnson Sequeria -To Love the Lord Jesus

    Bro Johnson Sequeira
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    By Bro Johnson Sequeira

    As we turn our eyes to the altogether lovely and beautiful One, all that surrounds us fades away in the light of His glory. Bro Johnson Sequeria always prays for the people and provides them peace at the feet of God. This is worship - beholding Jesus and Him alone. Let our prayers journey with you through the ups and downs, reminding you to look away from this transient world to the Eternal One who loves you forever. Beloveds, as God's covenant people; we believe there is power in our words. Let's continue to pray for the addicted people and declare the Lord's peace, comfort, and restoration upon the land. Every time we think about Jesus, He warms our hearts with His love and goodness.


    5/5 (1 votes)
    5/5 (1 votes)