Does having an Excel certification make you better for Employment?

    Carolina Parker
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    By Carolina Parker
    Does having an Excel certification make you better for Employment?

    MS Excel or Microsoft Excel, as some may refer to it, is nothing strange in today’s world. A student learning his basics to highly paid and certified professional handling tons of data and analyzing them, Excel has become the go-to solution. A spreadsheet software by Microsoft released in the year 1987; Excel is still the preferred type of spreadsheet application for data handling, data formatting, data analysis, mathematical operations on a huge amount of data, etc., although several competent options have popped up into the limelight lately.

    MS Excel skills are no ordinary skills and can be certified by several certifications. Although the most preferred certification is the one provided by Microsoft itself for obvious reasons, the others mentioned below are also viable options.

    - Microsoft Office Certifications by Microsoft

    - Excel skills for business by Coursera

    - Introduction to data analysis using Excel by Coursera

    - Excel certification by LinkedIn learning

    - Microsoft Excel certification by GoSkills

    - Excel essentials:- The complete Excel series by Udemy Excel from beginner to advanced by Udemy

    - Excel certification courses by E – LearnExcel

    Cost of the certification: - The MS Excel certification costs approximately $100 USD for a single candidate, while schooling and training centers may get a negotiated discount charge.

    Training and preparation: - The preparations for MS – Excel certifications and the Microsoft Excel certification do not ask for rigorous hard work. It can be just self-study equally distributed and sincerely followed that helps the candidate to clear the examination in the first attempt itself. There are several books, guides, training portals, offline centers for getting sharpened in using MS – Excel and related tools, and mastering the Microsoft Excel course.

    The credibility and worth of an MS Excel certified candidate in employment sectors:-

    Certifications are not only important for hiring, but the training processes thus involved sharpen as well as instills new skills in the candidate, thus making him or her a better and competent option in the interviews and hiring processes. The below-mentioned points summarize the credibility and worthiness of an MS Excel certified candidate in the employment sector.

    1. A certified candidate has a variety of skills and knowledge of the functions provided by Excel. By applying them to their task, a candidate is able to save much time on their assigned target and thus increase their productivity.
    2. Merging several other skills like R – programming to Excel is also deemed useful. In order to maximize the functionality and applicability of the skills of every candidate in an organization, Excel can come in handy.
    3. A better organized and handled data is the key to the successful completion of every target in an organization. Excel strives to facilitate every possible step for the same.
    4. The applicability of Excel, irrespective of the purpose of the organization, to arenas like administrative, data analysis, managerial duties, accounting, etc., build up the career opportunities open for a candidate and, in fact, improve them. Thus the candidate has a better employment option.
    5. The skill sets of a candidate are sharpened with advanced Excel training, thereby increasing his or her preferability as well as applicability to several tasks.
    6. Accurate analysis of the given data paired with conditional formatting is a skill to die for, and advanced Excel offers this feature. It is an asset to the hiring organization or the recruiter.
    7. Many certifications and skills null out into the void owing to several reasons like a better competitor in the market, version updates, etc. But Excel is predicted not to vanish into thin air so soon and won’t make the team member face such a scenario.


    MS Excel is not only software or skill (as might be the case) but a boon to the candidate as well as the organization. The above-said benefits of being certified with MS Excel certifications do not complete the list. There are various other benefits of the certification (s) like higher pay scales, less hectic work schedules, cheerful lives, and a well-adorned resume are some more to add to the list. Thus MS Excel certification is a win-win bet for a candidate and the organization.




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