FREE LED Light Bulbs in Victoria- Energy-Efficient LEDs

Bugged by your hefty electricity bills owing to the use of outdated CFL, halogen, or incandescent bulbs? It's time to replace them with energy-efficient LEDs that last longer don't emit UV or IR rays and save money on power bills. Another advantage is the option to choose from bright light in different tones Warm White, Natural White, or Cool White.

Getting your residential CFLs and halogen lights replaced with LEDs by A-grade electricians is a great opportunity from iPromise Australia to give your home lighting an upgrade under the VEU scheme at zero cost.

Benefit from the Victorian Government initiative right now and make a move towards energy-efficient tomorrow without spending a penny.

To get your old lights replaced with energy-saving LED lights at no cost, contact iPromise Australia today at and experience better lighting.


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