Ms. Brenda Copeland- Autism Specialist and Clinical Trainer

    Brenda Copeland
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    By Brenda Copeland

    As an Addiction Counselor, Ms. Brenda Copeland is experienced first-hand the challenges of a teaching exercise. Autistic students have a variety of developmental, learning, physical, and emotional needs, and special education teachers are specifically trained to help students deal with those needs and overcome challenges. Ms. Brenda Copeland has 15 years of experience working with young children and their families, using principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis to design individualized programming and achieve measurable progress in all areas of growth for children on the autism spectrum. She provides unique and purposeful insights for special education professionals during the workshop. She also specializes in working with pre-teens and teenagers in developing the complex skills needed to navigate the social world. She leads group exercise classes for individuals with multiple disabilities. She is successful in constructing powerful treatment plans that meet the approval of insurers and other funding resources. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis on emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities. With a step-by-step approach and visuals support for each exercise, your children and students can achieve the exercise connection.


    5/5 (1 votes)
    5/5 (1 votes)