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Best Small Business Accounting Software of 2020 - Accountsly

Best Small Business Accounting Software of 2020 - Accountsly

Want an affordable compromise between spreadsheet software and a full-time accountant? The right small-business accounting software can automate record-keeping tasks and keep you up to date on your business's financial health. But with numerous platforms available and difficulty in finding the right one, It begs the question ‘what is the best accounting software for small business in Australia?” Drumrolls. The answer is Xero.


Xero is a small business Online Accounting program. It helps you to collaborate with your advisors and share it with your employees. The primary benefit of this app is that it records income and losses seamlessly through more than one currency.


  •     The cash flow of banks can be monitored.
  •     This helps you to submit online payment options on invoices.
  •     You can interact with your bank using Xero.
  •     Chart receipts and expenditures and monitor them.
  •     You will monitor the details regarding an employee's payroll.
  •     To track the sums Xero provides financial reports.
  •     This preserves a snapshot of the past of partnerships and interactions.
  •     This tool has one dashboard to check business performance.



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